Stop Animal Abuse

Saadul Hassan
3 min readAug 14, 2020


Pakistan is blessed country in every aspect. We have everything in this country and we are thanked to have that all. Pakistan is blessed with generous people who work for humans as well as animals but as other countries have, we also have some very bad and cruel people as well. People with this type nature always Abuse animals whenever they can.

If these people cannot give animal’s shelter, food, water and medication they shouldn’t have to abuse them.

I want to work on Animal Abuse and I want to give punishment for animal’s abuse.

I have seen so many cases of animals hunger, abuse and other cases as well so I just want to start my own organization to stop that Abuse.

I’ll work by rescuing animals and aware people about this Divine work.

I’ll provide animals a good shelter where they’ll play and they’ll be happy.

I’ll give them love so they’ll not be afraid of humans. I’ll provide animals a good habitat where they find humans a loving partners and friends.

I’ll give animals help if they need like some born with diseases, they can’t see or walk.

I’ll also work on the wild and dangerous animals as well like snake, lizards, and pigs as well. Because people here think the only way to get rid of them is just to kill them but I’ll aware them and rescue these types of animals and release in the forest again to restore our nature.

I’ll provide an opportunity to donate for animals in which most of us will take part and also help us because we’ll aware them. I’ll also aware my society to adopt a pet to save a life rather than investing a huge money and get a pet from foreign.

In last I would like to say “stop animal’s abuse, give them shelter, and give them life”.