Starting Something New


I want to read books related to my field i.e; zoology as well as English and Urdu literature. I also want to get a lot about history.


I want to get basic knowledge of whole subjects and advanced knowledge about Zoology, English, Urdu and History.


I can attain basic knowledge of these subjects by getting all of these books so that I can attain my future goals. I also want to get about these subjects by using Internet or other apps to get more and more. I have faced a lot of challenges to achieve this goal like less time, other works and many unnecessary leisure.


Book reading will make me more broad to get knowledge and also It will make a somehow easy approach to CSS exam.

Time Bound:

I’ll start book reading from tomorrow and increase this output or I think I should say it input when I’ll be preparing CSS exam. This will end up with my breath.



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