Every Journey has an End

Saadul Hassan
4 min readOct 16, 2020


I was really very confused about my future 3 months ago. I was studying and also teaching in an academy for my experience but it didn’t work. I was in search of some sort of guidance or anything else which would make my way straight.

In this confused situation, I applied for Amal Academy after too much insisting from my friend. But that moment changed my life. First of all, I wanted to have fun also with studies and learning because COVID-19 changed my smiley face to a shriveled one.

After some days of my application, I got Email and a message from Amal Academy that I got selected. At that moment, I was proud as well as confused about online sessions. I got selected after the interview and I was ready to take online sessions.

I had a Kitten “John” at that time, I fostered that when he was just 3 weeks old. I built a very strong bond with him. He always played with me. Whenever I was studying or eating, he was always with me.

Then I started to take sessions with Amal Academy and I was very shocked about the fellowship. I saw that it is amazing to learn as well as fun. I saw there everyone like my own family member and the program manager Ma’am Anum and the program associate Sir Ahmad was just amazing to make a relation like family. We were all feeling like we are family members and we have no shame to say wrong vocabulary or anything else. Everyone made a strong bond in just one week.

During every session, John came to me and bit my foot. I always shouted at him because he disturbed me so that I could play with him. Even he always slept on my lap or on my couch where I worked.

I remembered one thing, when I was working on putting Amal Values on the wardrobe, I was already late and John came and started biting me. I was really disturbed by his action at that time but I completed my task after he slept.

I really got many things from Amal Academy. Amal Academy gave me a way to think about my future. In Amal Academy, I learned about goals, skills, teamwork, business techniques, communication manner, soft skills, passion, courage and most important thing love.

John was killed in an accident. I used to stay up late with John. Now it is very difficult to stay up alone. He went and left me alone. I can never forget John always.

My Amal Family was with me when John went and I was just really upset. They all tried to relieve my pain just as they did.

Now I know about my future purpose as well as the way to achieve that goal just because of Amal Academy, Ma’am Anum and Sir Ahmad.

I can say that If you were not with us then the fellowship was just a learning experience not a fun with family. You both took a role of mother and father as they always try to take their children together, same thing you both did.

Now it is going to end our fellowship in just 2 days. I am happy and sad as well. Happy for my future accomplishments which I will achieve in guidance of Amal Academy and sad for the reason that now family will remain together or retrospect.

A huge thank you to AMAL ACADEMY.

Also a huge thank you to Ma’am Anum and Sir Ahmed, you both are just amazing.

The end of a journey means, the start of another one.